are not a part of the normal aging process.  Some facial wrinkles are the result of muscle contractions, but are caused by various factors during sleep.  Mainly, are compression defects of the skin.  They are different than wrinkles caused by sun damage, smoking , frowning or laughing.    are caused by specific sleep behavior and if not resolved, will deepen over time. occur when there is repetitive, long-term tension on the skin which pushes or pulls the skin in a direction that is perpendicular to the direction of the muscles of the face.

However, and Sleep Wrinkles can be prevented by sleeping on the scientifically formulated DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase, proven to reduce and wrinkles by 50%.


form diagonally on cheeks and lower face and vertical lines can also appear on the forehead. 2-3 parallel lines or compression wrinkles generally form in the same area of the face.  Crow’s feet can also surface during sleep because the skin around the eyes is thin.  The DreamSkin Beauty Sleep Mask was designed to effectively reduce and wrinkles around the eye area and upper cheeks.  During sleep, wrinkles can also form in the nasal labial fold, which is the line than runs from the nose to the mouth.


Botox does not work on . Botox relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles in the skin when you move your face.  are not caused by muscle contractions.Case-7-before-360x250

Don’t let turn into Permanent Wrinkles!


Vertical Wrinkles around the lips and mouth or “pucker lines” are generally caused during sleep


Groundbreaking published studies by Dr. Samuel  J. Stegman in 1987 now prove that and Sleep Wrinkles are a well recognized entity.  His theories were confirmed in another medical document by dermatologist Dr. James Fulton. More recently additional important research was conducted by the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: A New Phenomenon: .

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Studies prove it is now apparent that develop from the fabric of our pillowcase. As we sleep on a traditional cotton, satin or silk pillowcase water leaves our skin and is absorbed by the pillowcase, then sticks to our skin creating a stretching action which weakens the dermal collagen.

Are you tired of trying to sleep on your back, uncomfortably odd-shaped pillows, messy tapes, expensive plastic surgery and painful injections? Finally, there is an easy, Ultra-soft and comfortable solution to eliminating your and reducing facial wrinkles.

The DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase proprietary Eco fabric wicks the moisture to a cotton backing and eliminates the mechanical damage done to the skin from pressure and stretch. Also the perpendicular design of the fibers creates a force that actually stimulated the production of collagen. Simply by sleeping on the DreamSkin pillowcase you can now totally eliminate the mechanical damage to the skin from the pressure and stretch caused by other types of pillowcases.

You’ll sleep much better too, knowing that you won’t wake up with or sleep wrinkles anymore!