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Fabric so intelligent, it moisturizes your skin!

Truly an advanced technology in skin care, the DreamSkin Pillowcase is made with the groundbreaking JuveTex rejuvenating textile. It’s the first physician formulated textile that acts as a cosmetic moisturizer while you sleep. It is designed to control and diminish facial wrinkles by 50% as well as enhancing the rebuilding of collagen in your skin.

The future of skin care is here now: Science, Rejuvenation

The “secret is in the threads”. Founded on medical science, the DreamSkin Pillowcase is made with the JuveTex fabric design, a proprietary weave pattern and blend of natural cellulosic fibers and synthetic microfibers. It is uniquely designed to channel moisture away from the skin’s surface via a hydrophobic transport layer to the soft absorbent backing layer where it then evaporates.

Each yarn is a specific weight and type to provide the exact amount of waterproof surface to reduce water loss and repair dry, damaged facial skin.


Protect Your Skin From Dehydration — NATURALLY

Environmentally friendly, there are no dyes, fragrances or chemicals in the JuveTex fabric. The fibers are doing the job naturally and the moisturizing capabilities are built permanently into the fabric so they will never wash out!

DreamSkin Helps Hold Facial Moisture All Night Long

The Pillowcase is effective by itself, but if you want to use your favorite night cream the fabric technology keeps it “in” your skin, not absorbed into your pillowcase. Results may vary.

Want to wake up looking younger and revitalized? It’s simple, just change your pillowcase! DreamSkin was created with ultimate softness and moisture technology. Everyone will benefit from the addition of DreamSkin Rejuvenating Pillowcase to their night time routine.

It’s Easy!

Simply slip it onto your pillow and make sure it fits snugly. The special fibers and hidden zipper allow the pillowcase to stretch and form properly on to your favorite pillow. The JuveTex is high quality, durable and can be put in your washer and dryer or can be hung to dry. Go sleep in pure luxury and wake up rejuvenated.

Cotton Pillowcases Dry Out Your Skin

The leading cause of wrinkles is loss of moisture, and cotton, satin, silk, and charmeuse pillowcases absorb moisture at higher levels. DreamSkin Anti-Aging Beauty Pillowcases help your skin retain moisture as you sleep, helping to reduce and facial wrinkles, while rebuilding the collagen in your skin.

Men DreamSkin

Men Love DreamSkin Pillowcases! The DreamSkin Rejuvenating Pillowcase moisturizes without feminine creams. Moisturizing is the essential ingredient to a man’s happy face and healthy, younger looking skin.


The DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase is not sold in stores.

  • Previously only sold by Physicians and Estheticians.

  • Standard/Queen Size, King Size/ Color: Classic White/ high quality durable fabric/machine washable.

  • World’s  First Skin Care Physician Formulated Moisturizing Fabric.

  • NO Dyes

  • NO Copper

  • NO Fragrances

  • NO Mineral Oil

  • NO Pore Clogging Ingredients

  • NO SD Alchohol

  • NO Animal Testing



It’s Easy. Just change your pillowcase and wake up with visibly vibrant, smoother looking skin!

Be cautious of made in China silk pillowcase marketers making skin care claims. We are the Authentic and first formulators of a fabric scientifically designed and proven for skin care. The contents, claims, original text, Dr. Pugliese’s medical research and fabric benefits on this website cannot legally be duplicated by any silk pillowcase manufacturer or marketer.