The Best Moisturizer is a Dream Skin Anti-Aging Beauty Pillowcase 

Your Face Loses Over 3 Gallons Of Water In 12 Months During Sleep

Preventing moisture loss is critical for skin rejuvenation. When you sleep using a cotton, satin or silk pillowcase the fabric absorbs the water that leaves your skin and is transferred into that fabric.  As a result the fabric will now adhere to the skin. As your face is plastered into the pillow the skin is stretched downward sagging the jowls by the action of the fabric. This weakens the dermal collagen.  Your head moves often while you sleep and the pillowcase forms creases due to the moist surface forming wrinkles in the fabric as it is pulled, pressed and rolled.  It is the fabric creases which result that form one part of the causative factors in the sleep line dynamics.  The second is the pressure of the head and third, water loss from the skin.

Do you wake up every morning with unattractive lines etched into your face?

These are called and after many years of sleeping in the same position the result is permanent wrinkling of the facial skin. Through our scientific studies, it’s now apparent that the chief agent of is not the pillow, but more, rather the pillowcase.

Dream Skin is more effective than satin and silk pillowcases. Cotton dries out your skin.

Several years ago our lab was the first to reveal that cotton threads dry out your skin. We also  made the initial groundbreaking discovery that specific threads are Hydrophobic and can hydrate the skin. Therefore, the first pillowcase for skin care, Dream Skin was created. Due to Dream Skin’s scientifically formulated weave pattern and thread type combination, tests proved Dream Skin works like a high end cosmetic moisturizer.

Your skin loses almost twice as much moisture at night and night creams only last a few hours. As we age, our hair also loses moisture. Cell turnover is eight times faster at night. Dream Skin’s advanced moisture technology fabric was formulated to work at the most crucial time, during sleep, when cells are more receptive.

In our comparison study, cotton, satin and silk pillowcase drained more moisture from your skin leaving it dry, causing and wrinkles.


Do you want smoother, more radiant skin? IT’S EASY, just change your pillowcase. No more struggling to sleep on your back, uncomfortable, odd-shaped pillows for wrinkles, painful injections or pillowcase copies infused with moisturizers that eventually wash out.

Botox doesn’t work on . Botox relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles in the skin when you move your face. aren’t caused by muscle contractions. Finally, there’s a physician formulated advanced fabric technology that acts like a true cosmetic moisturizer while you sleep.


Peter T. PuglieseFormulated by internationally recognized skin physiologist Peter T. Pugliese, MD, the DreamSkin™ Beauty Pillowcase is designed to eliminate while rebuilding the collagen in your skin. Regardless of the brand of skin care product used, everyone concerned about their skin will benefit from DreamSkin™ pillowcases. Fabric so intelligent, it actually moisturizes your skin naturally without chemicals. The DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase is constructed with a proprietary blend of fibers uniquely designed to channel moisture away from the skin’s surface. The amount of water passing through the skin is critical since too much water will macerate the skin and too little will leave the skin dry. Therefore, the proper amount is critical. Results of clinical studies prove that the DreamSkin™ Beauty Pillowcase produces the exact combination of properties necessary to achieve ideal skin moisturization. Just relax and have sweet rejuvenating dreams!


JuveTex™: The First Fabric for Skin Care

JuveTex™: The Fabric of Our Future In 2002 Peter T. Pugliese, MD and inventor Susan J. Leslie developed the JuveTex™ fabric. Dr. Pugliese is an award-winning physician and scientist who has been an internationally recognized expert in skin physiology, aging skin and longevity for over 35 years. He is the author of Advanced Professisional Skin Care and has written over 100 publications. His many discoveries have influenced the decision of major cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. Created with ultimate softness, extraordinary comfort and moisture technology in mind, the Dreamskin Beauty Pillowcase is made with 22,000 micro-filaments per square inch and is probably the most luxurious fabric you will ever lay your head on! There are no chemicals in the unique JuveTex™ textile and the moisturizing capabilities are permanently built right into the threads.


Why It Works

Be cautious of made in China silk pillowcase marketers making skin care claims. We are the Authentic and first formulators of a fabric scientifically designed and proven for skin care. The contents, claims, original text, Dr. Pugliese’s medical research and fabric benefits on this website cannot legally be duplicated by any silk pillowcase manufacturer or marketer.